26 Апр 2022

Payment gateways for Russian secondary traffic for high risk merchants

One of the biggest challenges is finding a reliable payment gateway for high-risk merchants. Payment gateways in Russia are a service that will ensure the smooth operation of the project by transmitting information about transactions to the payment processor. High-risk projects include any vertical whose activities are characterized by:

  • a high percentage of refunds
  • activities in the territories of countries that fall under the definition of high risk (South Korea, Syria)
  • insignificant credit history
  • low currency transactions
  • spoiled credit history.

Gambling and betting are considered to be one of the first verticals that are classified as high risk. And given the current heavy conditions today, we can conclude that it is too difficult to establish payment acceptance on the site. But there is a way out of any situation. Betatransfer Kassa is ready to take on the task of setting up acquiring.

We have created a completely new solution that will allow you to process secondary traffic with a minimum percentage. Businesses must constantly develop, and move forward. This is a guarantee of success and high profits. Acceptance of payments on the site is one of the guarantors of such growth. Therefore, it is vivid to devote time and attention to setting up acquiring.

Betatransfer Kassa has been on the market for more than five years. During this time, we keep our finger on the pulse, promptly responding to any changes or fluctuations. We know how to approach the issue of acquiring in order to guarantee the uninterrupted and reliable operation of the service.

Secondary traffic is transactions are made by customers who have already visited your site. They already have their own account and made the first payments. The KYC principle is aimed at preventing unscrupulous transactions with digital currencies. It is a kind of guarantee of security and reliability of transactions. BetaTransfer Kassa offers its customers schemes and provide all the necessary guarantees for financial transactions.

For more information regarding cooperation, we suggest contacting our managers. On the company’s website, you can also see live reviews from customers, of which more than seven thousand have accumulated over five years. Our reputation, which we painstakingly create and maintain every day. Is the significant value we confirm and strengthen with each project.