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Our company's reputation is approved by thousands of reviews on Best change.

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BetaTransfer Kassa is a team of professionals which deals with online payments. We work with iGaming company, startups, dating service sites etc. Our reputation is backed by over 9,000 reviews on Bestchange. We are against bureaucracy and for you to be able to receive quality services and start working on favorable terms as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us, we are always open to dialog! Our team is able to solve even the most non-standard tasks.

What do we offer?

One of our main advantages is flexibility. Each project is individual, and in dialogue with each client we find an approach to solving any problem. At the end of the negotiations, we offer the most advantageous solution. The client receives a reliable acquiring gateway for receiving payments with 24/7 support.

How does it work?

Our API is a reliable acquiring gateway for accepting payments with easy integration into the client’s platform. It allows convenient online payment for your goods and services with Visa, Mastercard, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies wallets. Connection to our system usually takes no more than 3 days. We work with almost the whole world and with various currencies.