Requirements for the site

Dear Partners!

Service BetaTransfer welcomes connections but reminds you of the basic requirements which your site should meet. From the online payment sites, which connects to the affiliate program, requires compliance with the following conditions:

    1. Be in working condition: filled out content, clickable internal links.

    2. The opportunity to view a wide assortment not presented on a single page or as a single item.

    3. When logging in to the site, there’s no need to enter a username/password. Access to the site must be public.

    4. The location of the Personal Cabinet of the online store is provided on the domain of the main site. Connecting to the service of myAlpari involves the provision of test access in payment system for online businesses. 

    5. For all pages of the online store site relating to the provision of goods/services/works, you must use a single domain name.

    6. The list of goods/services provided at the online store must not contradict the requirements of the legislation of the countries where they are provided.

    7. It is obligatory to indicate on the website:

          – the full name of the company, not similar to the names of legal entities engaged in similar activities;

          – address, both legal and factual;

          – telephone, e-mail;

          – public offer agreement;

          – privacy policy.

    8. In a detailed description of the goods/services presented in the online store, their characteristics, consumer properties, cost are obligatory.

Intending to connect to the BetaTransfer service, make sure that the online store complies with these conditions. Requests of each potential client are considered individually.


Unacceptable positions in the range of goods/services on the site

Service BetaTransfer draws attention to the fact that the connection to it assumes the absence of certain items in the range of goods/services online store. You can get acquainted with them in the list below. The list of goods/services/works must not include items that exclude connection to the BetaTransfer service:

          – artifacts;

          – prohibited services;

          – counterfeit products;

          – recalled goods;

          – franking machines;

          – malicious software;

          – catalytic converters, sensor tubes;

          – service contracts for mobile (wireless) phones;

          – advertisements related to fundraising for charity;

          – currency, stocks, securities, stamps;

          – precious metals, stones, and articles made from them;

          – credit cards;

          – real estate;

          – used cosmetics;

          – medicines and their descriptions, as well as descriptions of products positioned as medicines;

          – medical devices and equipment. For example, pacemakers, contact lenses, surgical instruments;

          – human organs, remains, funerary services related to burials;

          – foodstuffs, health products;

          – plants and seeds, weed plants;

          – pesticides;

          – tobacco products, smoking mixtures;

          – embargoed or imported from countries from which imports are prohibited;

          – electronic equipment designed for surveillance and eavesdropping. For example, cable decoders, radar antennas, traffic control devices, eavesdropping devices, including in telephone sets;

          – means of self-defense, firearms, and edged weapons. For example, knives, pepper sprays, mock weapons, tasers;

          – flammable materials. For example, batteries, coolers, pyrotechnic products;

          – lock picking devices;

          – lottery tickets;

          – slot machines;

          – manufacturer’s coupons;

          – Materials containing incitement to illegal operations. For example, e-books describing the manufacture of methamphetamines;

          – souvenirs of a political nature;

          – discriminatory and offensive materials. For example, materials that advocate Nazism, racism, ethnic racism, ethnic superiority;

          – government documents, certificates, licenses;

          – products related to law enforcement;

          – items related to the implementation of transit and delivery. For example, aircraft manuals, uniforms; 

              subway workers, bags used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver postal mail;

          – databases, mailing lists, personal information;

          – multi-level marketing, matrix programs, pyramid schemes.