BetaTransfer Cashier is a reliable high risk payment acceptance service

Rejected to create a high risk merchant account with a bank or payment aggregator? Don't want to deal with bureaucracy and paperwork for account opening? Our service is a fast and secure solution for businesses with under the sign of High Risk payments
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    Оплата платежей банковской картой

    Payments by bank card

    The most common way to do the payment of website is to pay by bank card. Also, 80% of our payments are working through credit card payment system. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Mir.

    Payments go through a convenient and beautiful form of payment.

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    Other payment options

    Tired of being blocked by Qiwi wallets?

    We will solve this problem!

    We accept payments through Qiwi, in any amount, through a convenient form of payment.

    Устали от блокировок Qiwi кошельков?

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    • Prompt output
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Risk coverage
    • Convenient merchant form
    • Great experience
    • Many positive reviews

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    We work individually for each business. It is important for us to create the most favorable conditions for cooperation with clients.
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    Who do we work with?

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      Sport bets
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      Informative goods
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      Investment projects
    • image5@1x
      Dating sites
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      High complaint goods

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    Our clients’ reviews

    We are always happy to receive thanks in return!
    • 2
      Irina Nesterenko
      Door to door

      We are the company who works on special delivery in regions. It is why important for our business to have a constant money flow. Betatrasfer service is faster than alternative services, and commission is less. It is the best recurring payment system.

    • 3
      Alla Ovchar
      SM Middle

      We needed assistance to convert money. After long doubts and looking through different brands, our financial consultant suggested we use Betatransfer kassa. We are cooperating for several months already, and everything is regulated. I recommend it for cooperation.

    • 4
      Oleg Novikov
      Data Group

      We were trying to find a way for payment of legal services. Money stuck somewhere in between. I found out about Betatransfer service, was not believing it much, but decided to try. They helped us! I recommend this firm if you have any troubles with money transfers for merchant payment solutions.

    • 5
      Oleksey Krasnov
      Clear Increase

      I decided to learn new technologies in business and started trading cryptocurrency. Betatransfer is what an average trader needs. The range of services completely satisfies me. Your crypto wallets always will be on the move, which is very important with a volative course.

    • 6
      Kristina Naumova
      MTB Jewelry

      Usually, all convert services are late, and their side always demands a lot of documents and answers slowly. Betatransfer is the fastest among all mediators. It is the first time I saw how a big payment was processed within only one day.

    • 5f354fabddc09f00233c8487_optimized
      Alexander Lysiuk

      I have a little business, and a simple money turnover hits me harder than big nets. Betatransfer has helped me a lot with their payment system for small businesses. Our organization eliminated all “minuses” in servicing accounts within the only couple of months, and we wish it for everybody.

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