8 Dec 2021

Your “pay now” website can be a true financial alternative!

Why do you make business? For some people, this is a real quest for life. Mostly, the main reason for every financial activity is profit. All the payment terminal companies are thriving to the most convenient service way. Betatransfer Kassa provides the best payment system for small businesses that you have ever seen. And we have absolute proof about it.


When you must accept payments on a website, the first demand is safety. Betatransfer Kassa can give it to you! We are one of the biggest blockchain enthusiasts in the Russian financial world. So, our work begins with the trusty foundation. All our clients are sure about the platforms under our brands. Hence, the commercial money flow goes smoothly.


Without further interruption, let’s see our advances in high-risk merchant processing. Our proovedachievement is diversity. Betatransfer Kassa’s roster is one of the biggest in Russia. Every brand new cryptocurrency is analyzed by our professionals. That’s why our char is proven and trusty. Keep on with the Betatransfer brand – and you will be in every modern trend! Sounds a little bit cheesy, eh? But that is the naked truth.


Betatransfer Kassa also is the healthiest alte5rnative among all the modern payment solution providers. We are the first in Russia the implementation of an effective NFC payment terminal. This fact makes a reakclosure with Asian financial systems. Chinese clients love NFC. It is cozy and safe. Unfortunately, many modern bank providers don’t allow you to have the standard functions of a hundred dollars telephone! We are solving this injustice successfully.


Another achievement is a universal and virtual wireless payment terminal. It means you need only one site for every kind of modern business. With Betatransfer Kassa, every simple deal will be incredibly swift and require minimal effort. So, plug in and open the crypto world with us!