22 Nov 2021

We will rock your high-risk bank account!

There are tons of various businesses that are tightly tied with acquiring. Every single brand that works in this sphere is crucial for financial stability. Betatransfer Kassa is the solid rock of modern payment systems for small businesses. And we dream bigger!

Since the beginning of the crypto era, startups became more versatile, than ever. Our clients are satisfied with the service level. But we are going even beyond. Our goal is simple. A virtual credit card payment terminal, branded with our name, must be proven and serve the clients permanently.

Our professionals are too capable. The time limits for the creation of our payment website are about several days. In comparison, the real rivals of Betatransfer Kassa usually promise weeks for the site under construction. Our proposition is way more convenient in every condition. The prices are also reasonable for modern ventures.

The merchant payment solutions include a classic direct debit payment system, various electronic wallets, crypto tokens, etc. We don’t know what currency will be dominant soon. So, Betatransfer Kassa is preparing for all the new challenges.

Our platform is a cradle for the most profitable ventures. All the best high-risk traders urge to seek this kind of service. Because Betatransfer Kassa converts risk into pure money without significant losses. We were on the crypto hype even before bitcoin became a thing. So, our bits of advice are pretty valuable in times of instability.

The financial visionary of our experts is also incredible. During the pandemic crisis, we are just growing. Of course, the world recession is pain. But we know the ways to avoid bankruptcy in the harshest conditions. Betatransfer Kassa has proved this thesis hundreds of times. Our way to fame is in the middle, but we’ve never taken a negative response yet. Not a single one.

The high-risk merchant services evolved quickly. Your trading passion and our financial skills together can make a miracle. Purchase our solutions before the rivals, be the best in your business!