9 Nov 2021

We will enhance your payment terminal

And we have the ways to do it. Betatransfer Kassa is a well-known developer of various mobile payment solutions, as well as website enhancements. The new transaction standards are pretty dire, and many business people are asking for additional help in these works. Our professional dealers and programmers will gladly help.

To better involve people in enhanced payment systems, we are launching a new era of transaction. A trinity of the most prominent crypto coins arrived. BTC/ETH/Tether payments became a reality. And the choice was not accidental.

Bitcoin is the first virtual currency made with blockchain technologies. Though, the base consumer of this stuff is not a random geek. The biggest boost of the Bitcoin users was caused by а price avalanche during last year. Some American authorities even make statements about bitcoin wages! The future of the nearest investments is in the BTC token.

Ethereum, on the other side, is well for mining. Also, the ETH platform is actively used in various innovative startups. So, here are various technical enthusiasts working on platform improvement. Betatransfer Kassa is granted that your Ethereum high-risk credit card processing will be smooth, safe, and anonymous. That’s are the main reasons for a good collaboration with us.

Tether is a fine instrument for a direct debit system based on crypto technologies. Our newest researches proved its stability. Also, check the latest financial reviews. Tether is backed by the US government (partially). It is not a full-covered currency, but the rates are more predictable than Bitcoin ones. Hence, some American pension foundations convert their papers and accounts into Tether. If you have a plan to work with US institutions – this is a good instrument.

All three currencies aren’t new, but for the Russian market is a leap forward. That’s why every modern broker should have an opportunity to make a free conversion into a fiat currency and back. Betatransfer Kassa is making the most precious roster of electronic wallets and blockchain coins. You don’t need an additional portal for every new operation! Every transaction can be done in a simple payment form and with lesser extra taxes than the usual process requires.