2 Nov 2021

We offer you a quick and proven electronic payment system

The acquiring is the basis for every new venture. No matter what technological level or features do you have. The best argument for every new client is a safe and quick transaction. The problem is that the best companies in this sphere are usually too expensive, with just one exception. Betatransfer Kassa can provide a dealer service of proper quality and without any additional delay. Why are we unique?

Firstly, we know the market demands. The average high-risk trading account requires simple protection. The chairman doesn’t know the technical details of transactions. This is our work. So, our professionals developed the perfect formulae of inner and outer conversions. The rules are almost the same for every region. The prime field of activity of Betatransfer Kassa is Russia. But we’ve proved our reliability for every continent. It means your business can become an international venture soon!

The payments on the website should be different. It is the basic financial law. Your client probably doesn’t have a wallet that belongs to your acquiring system. So, the broker service is vital for functioning. The most prominent example would be a random online casino project. The gambling fiscal laws sometimes are too severe and strictly forbid betting activity. Hence, the brand new currency service has to be versatile. Or else the rivals will flush this brand out.

Also, we are widely testing the cryptocurrency online payment system for every popular altcoin. It is the demand of our epoch. The digital economy needs new solutions for faster transactions. Blockchain is the only way to quickly create a new payment terminal (physical or virtual).

The traditional bank branch always requires a lot of new permissions for the first launch. Even the lesser terminal needs additional approval for funds. At the same time, every crypto coin is decentralized. The crowdfunding principle means that your currency portal can be established in just several days, which is a great result anyway.

Betatransfer Kassa grants every participant equal rights and possibilities for a reasonable price. No regional restrictions or transaction limits. That’s why our leadership in this sphere is undisputed and growing. Thousands of brokers’ names were made under our aegis, and we will never stop.