15 Dec 2021

We make the boldest cross-border payment systems!

Every business in our country needs offshore credit card processing. Russian government created a lot of decrees that established a severe punishment for crypto activity. But one can’t cancel progress. Hence, the high-risk brokers use the traditional commercial payment systems along with the new blockchain ventures. But there is a lack of professionals in this sphere. Betatransfer Kassa is trying to fill the gap.


Our ways are always innovative! We propose a smart card payment system with blockchain options for everyone. We have no investment census at all! Every credit debit card payment system from an old respectful bank has a lot of initial barriers. You need a bunch of rich investors. Or the top management won’t hear you. But modern cryptocoin hype projects are run by young enthusiasts that haven’t this kind of funds.


Betatransfer Kassa solves the problem brilliantly! Our newest micropayment gateway adapts for modern ventures and investments. We are Russian pioneers of the altcoin web payment systems! No one can compare with our brand! The regional banks are too yellow to invest in these projects. At the same time, we have an experienced team of renowned professionals in our country.


We are very friendly to our direct rivals. Of course, you may require another automatic billing system. But our paying percents and benefits are just indomitable. Betatransfer Kassa’s clientele is the most various in the Eastern European region. So, we are keeping low prices with high quality. And this is the very first case in the history of our native crypto transactions.


The main problem in our business is market volatility. Betatransfer Kassa predicts the next moves on the stock exchanges precisely which means safety for every broker partnership. Also, the blockchain vaults are the most adamant financial places in the world today. The 6000 cases of successful business boosts are our witnesses. Join us and start your way to prosperity!