10 Jan 2022

The general payment trends in 2022

In 2020, Ukraine made a very bold move. At last, they were permitted to gamble in their territory. The gambling law is not fantastic, but it is still a tremendous leap. Hence, the market expands constantly. It will be about $7,7 trillion by 2026. Betatransfer Kassa has checked the very new trends and shares them with you.

Every online business is based on payment solutions. The Internet acquiring, though, has some unique features. The online pos terminal should be pretty universal. A modern casino has the widest clientele. So, they all need a partner. The POS system is delivered not only by banks. Moreover, these rules are successfully implied by private companies like Betatransfer Kassa.

We are working with multiply clients at the same time. No matter how strong is financial flow – we will takeit. The killing feature is cascade processing. When one bank is unavailable – the company switches your transaction to the next one. It is the best possibility for every high-risk broker.  

The specific trends of 2022 are:

iGaming, or online commercial entertainment;
Nutra”, or nutrition sites. All the portals about healthy lifestyle with unique products are here;
classic dating sites, for mating and other types of connection people;
various crypto projects.

All above is the place of enormous investments. Coronacrisis doesn’t touch the e-commerce itself, but it made a heavy impact on the customers. During the last three years, we searched for the most effective solutions. Betatransfer Kassa works with the worldwide financial authorities. Hence, you don’t need additional payments and brokers between them and banks.

Betatransfer Kassa is the best kick-starter too. In these ruthless times, the perspective startups need proper guarantees. The Betatransfer brand is a sign of financial stability for next year. Our solutions are versatile and can be applied to your future projects effectively.