17 Jan 2022

The CIS states salute the iGaming industry. Take up your cash payment system!

The Wild East for gambling is revealed itself. The CIS states are a very peculiar place for the iGaming industry. Firstly, there are still some restrictions. You can’t just establish a casino, these are not the Caribbeans. At the same time, Russia is not a hardcore Muslim country. People there like to gamble without any prejudice.


Like all post-Socialist states, Russia has a significant lack of real professionals in the betting field. Betatransfer Kassa is one of the prominent brands in the country. We are working here for over six years. So, we’ve got a huge amount of experience. If you need to obtain some effective mobile payment systems for small businesses — call us!


The iGaming in this country dominantly means a casino, often combined with betting features. Hence, we are implying a lot of additional options. For Russian gamblers, we propose some exclusive payment methods, like Qiwi and YooMoney. Both of the systems are impeccable for cashing performance.


Our solutions are pretty universal and have proven themselves through the years. Cryptocurrencywithdrawals are also extremely important. The CIS states are banning bitcoin and altcoins for the last two years. So, if you want to be sure, that your international clients have all their crypto funds, you should seek our products. Also, we are supporting our clients with a multi-leveling consulting about the adaptation of their old portals to the new world of e-commerce.


Betatransfer Kassa is operating with all CIS currency pairs freely. This means a full pack of operational possibilities. Never underestimate our knowledge! Check the Betatransfer portfolio – and you will see the uninterrupted line of successful business stories. The iGaming projects are only one future direction but it is very bright. The statistics tell us, that all popular casinos eventually will grow into multi-billion businesses. If you will choose the right strategy, of course.


The future of the transactions in iGaming is blurred. Betatransfer Kassa is betting on cryptocurrency values. But we are open to traditional fiat transactions too. Our gambling experience allows us to propose the most universal solution for years of financial prosperity. Our service is pretty cheap, and you will have a great possibility to advance your business. Lets start the iGamingdevelopment at a new level!