28 Dec 2021

The best payments on the website are ours!

Where do we begin the very start of the best payment system for small businesses? Marketing, maybe? No. Today advertisement is a modern god of commerce, but it is a huge myth. A trader never will come to your exchange portal unless he is completely sure about the lead acquiring partner. So, lets reveal the name. Betatransfer Kassa is your guiding light in the stock storms.


The Betatransfer Kassas brand is famous for the universal code for every case of money flow. You dont need separate mobile payment solutions. When the portal under the Betatransfer umbrella is adaptive, work is much easier. Though, we are doing great analysis of the final statement on your website before an optimization. This way is the most convenient.


Our professionals are good at direct debit payments solutions. Also, we have an interest in tall cryptocurrencies. The Betatransfer brand is the pioneer of the blockchain revolution. And we are the leaders since the earlier peaks of Bitcoin. Today, every new mobile payment terminal needs crypto exchange pairs.


The best thing about our proposition is the easiest lift-off ever. Wanna have a new technological startup? You will need the payment system for it. The crowdfunding is fine. But your financial parachute should be filled with a lot of long-lasting participants. And the solid technical and legislative backups are the trustable bases for years of stable development. It is a unique feature for the Russian trading markets.


Betatransfer Kassa doesnt make any shady schemes. If you want to have an offshore merchant account, then youve chosen the wrong door. Our power is the ability to have strong links with national acquiring agents worldwide. Hence, the trader doesnt need a lot of additional brokers. Betatransfer Kassa gives you all the solutions right from the start because time is the most precious resource for people’s business. We are the coziest provider of web-portal modernization.