3 Jan 2022

Every local payment terminal machine becomes better with us!

The acquiring service is a tough deal. Especially for the Russian market. Local fiscal authorities are making new bureaucratic policies right now. The high-risk merchant projects are struggling a lot because of these rules. Moreover, the Russian banks have big payment taxes. So, casinos are prone to avoid the official money channels.

Betatransfer Kassa gives you an almost perfect direct debit payment system, with a precise study of betting needs. The brightest example is a famous YooMoney of Yandex. Our role is poetically described as “cutting the edges”. For example, YooMoney is a virtual child of Sberbank and Yandex. Hence, it is a pure corporate thing with strict state rules.

Lesser payment network companies with small brands, like Betatransfer Kassa, are more liberated in their financial policies. Our solutions are too versatile and made for every market. So, we can collect our minor taxes without a significant burden for our customers. Also, we have a hybrid cryptocurrency money system that integrates successfully into every mobile payment terminal in this country.

Our agenda is a promotion of the most striving electronic wallets on the Russian market. The best payment system for small businesses in the betting sphere today is Qiwi, no doubt. Gamblers are pretty nervous people. They don’t like global bank surveillance. Qiwi payments are quick and don’t ask you about additional requisites or other confidential data. So, they need well and swift transactions. With Qiwi, you have to install just one small application – and then you are connecting to every casino or betting house with the Betatransfer programs.

The future belongs to the small corporate payment systems. Betatransfer Kassa is an umbrella for a lot of successful solutions. We are constantly expanding. Blockchain technologies are global initially. But the worldwide era of cryptocurrencies is not overcome yet. We must calculate every proficient way of money flow. It is the secret of our daily success!