15 Nov 2021

CPA will make all the payment network companies better

Every new commercial product must be promoted. It is the core of the business: the unknown product will not be on sale properly. So, you need a good broker that will set all of the deals without a doubt and delay. The best actor on the Russian market today is Betatransfer Kassa.


Usually, we are famous as the creators of the best payment system for small businesses. But for the new nutrition business, we’ve got new CPA deals. This market branch needs an improvement, and we are ready to take the next step into a promotion area. The purpose is a fresh new venture. So, if you will become partners with Betatransfer Kassa, then you will have a solid handicap.


CPA means “cost per action.” It is a relatively small but regular payment that will help even in high-risk merchant processing. Yes, the CPA moves are used in modern casinos and betting portals. Local celebs promote these sites vigorously. For the right price, of course. Regular rewards have always been the best stimulus for proper and intensive trade activity.


Betatransfer Kassa is the developer of the local credit card processing platforms that can be useful for every business. But the nutrition products need an additional PR and advertisement. They are pretty exotic for some users. Also, the supplements are expensive due to an actual exchange rate of euro and USD. Hence, potential clients need a new reason for purchases.


Our main activity is still the development of various payment solutions for small businesses. Betatransfer Kassa implements the CPA method along with the modern virtual credit card payment terminal. The clientele will see fast business growth. It is the biggest benefit of our partnership. Also, we are constantly checking web standards for quickening your exchange portal.


All our benefits are available in crypto coins and fiat currencies equally. For Betatransfer Kassa, both of the projects will be extremely easy. Our exchanging portals are available in most of the countries of the region as well as in far states. The roster of our currencies allows us to bake every benefit a personal deal.